About Us

Getting to know us
Gender Center is a non-governmental organization whose aims include creating an enabling environment for people with gender issues. We are concerned with helping transgender people by providing them with care, support, and attention. We are also involved in organizing and conducting seminars to educate and sensitize the public on diverse-gender people’s needs. We look forward to creating an environment free from discrimination against people with gender issues with our numerous objectives. We support parents and families with transgender children. We expose the family members to measures that can be taken to not hurt transgender children in the family. The isolation and seclusion which many children with gender issues experience could have a devastating effect on their mental and emotional wellbeing. We are concerned about addressing these issues and ensuring that positive and non-discriminatory comments are used when addressing these children. For young people with gender issues, we provide support services that will help them in society. Among the services that we offer include school support and family support. We also provide transitional accommodation for young people who are above the age of 16. The transitional and housing support services are a product of the Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS). The SHS is an initiative of the organization which provides supported beds for the clients. Counselling and guidance are also organized for people with gender issues. We organize constant counselling during which the people are counselled and educated on their rights and self-esteem as humans. For confidentiality purposes, transgender people above the age of 16 have the right to attend counselling without consent from parents or guardians. For the younger ones, they are allowed to attend counselling sessions with their parents. Counselling can give a safe space to explore and address issues relating to gender. The Seniors Support Services are also one of the various services we employ as an organization to provide support for transgender people who are over the age of 55. This service helps aged transgender people access support service providers who will attend to their needs. People who are confined to a specific location or whose movements are restricted are not exempted from our services. We provide care and support for transgender people who are confined to hospitals and prisons. These services help these individuals to become independent and improve their relationships with other people in their immediate environment.

Our Management Structure

Our management structure and committee are per the Association Incorporation Acts of 1984. The management functions of the organization are carried out as contained in the Acts. Every rule and regulation of the organization are provided in the Acts. The Acts also contain the rights and election of office bearers, their responsibilities, and duties.

Our Mission

We seek to develop and provide support services and activities which will encourage people with gender issues to make informed choices. We provide transgender people with a wide range of services to help them build healthy relationships with their families and friends.

Our Vision

Young people, especially, experience many setbacks and stigma due to their diverse-gender status. These challenges result from how they are perceived in the family, society, and the community at large. The unfavourable treatments of transgender individuals in society are responsible for their mental and emotional instability. These harsh treatments have subjected many young people to an unproductive lifestyle.