Anti-violence Project

What We Do Against Gender Identity-Based Violence
Violence is all shades of negative. It connotes sadness, bitterness, grief, pain, loss, and restlessness. Like we have organized crime, the same can be true for violence, especially when it is against a group of people or a system. You’re probably familiar with the term, gender-based violence, which is the awful state of violence targeted against women in homes and workplaces. Well, just like that is unfounded, so also is transgender based violence. In response to this emerging hostility in Australia, an initiative fights against this form of violence. The initiative or put differently, project, Kick-started in the year 2011. At the heart of the project is providing support, education, strong advocacy against all manifestations of violence and hostility towards gender diverse people. Essentially, this group seeks to repel attacks against people who embrace unconventional gender Identity. Likewise, for other twenty-first-century advocacy groups, this Anti-Violence Project has several objectives. Some of them are as follows. Report of violence: Crime and lawlessness thrive when underreported or not reported at all. Therefore, one of this project’s objectives is to encourage victims— gender diverse individuals, voice out, and seek legal redress. Without gainsaying, improved reporting of this form of violence will discourage perpetrators. Increased awareness of gender diversity: As part of the efforts of dealing with a group- focused hostility, awareness is necessary. Often, when a group suffers persecution for their belief system or position on certain matters, it is because the persecutors do not understand the belief. Many grew up with conservative beliefs, hence, agreeing and living together with progressive-minded individuals might be difficult. However, conservatives come to realize with proper awareness without necessarily agreeing that progressiveness is no threat to them.

Victim Support

This Anti-Violence Project also seeks to provide aid for victims. Since it is violence against transgender, it is clear they are the victims. Medical support for victims in any event of physical assault is a step in the right direction. Therapy to take care of emotional trauma the violence inflicts is also part of this group’s applaudable objectives. Legal support for gender diverse individuals seeking redress in the court of competent Jurisdiction is another support. One effective means to discourage further discrimination is suing whoever violates this law. This is what is referred to in criminal jurisprudence as deterrence.

Increased Police Support in Combating Violence

All the world over, the Police are primarily tasked with maintaining law and order. They are responsible for the level of compliance with extant laws, and non-compliance usually means they’re not doing enough. This project aims to work hand-in-hand with the Australian Police and other security agencies to quell violence or hostilities against transgender.

Provision of accurate data

Another objective of this project is to document accurate statistical data that represents the state of gender identity-based violence. The project requests that victims of this form of violence, asides from making a formal report to the Police, inform them. You can report anonymously.