Providing Counsel on Gender identity
Humans are generally quick to seek counsel when they are short of ideas or unsure of what to do. To bring this home, examine yourself; how often do you check the internet for answers? How often do you ask a friend for a piece of advice? The number of times we seek clarification may vary, but definitely, we all do that. Counsel is even more needed when it borders on technical issues. These are issues that we do not readily have answers to. Only a few sources have answers. And the Gender Centre is one of those sources. On issues of gender identity, guided by a culture of integrity, professionalism, compassion, and resourcefulness, Gender Centre is your go-to institution. It provides quality service to transgender and individuals exploring their gender identity. Better put, gender-questioning groups. It’s counselling services is for everyone. Little wonder why it attends to families of all social standing, client residents in the community, and clients admitted in Gender Centre’s facilities free of charge. Amazing, isn’t it? The wide range of services provided under the Gender Centre counselling services is of interest to many. But, we don’t always get what we want. Except luck shines. Consider today your lucky day as we are about to give you this information on a platter of gold. Here are some issues Gender Centre counselling services cover.


You probably have a clue of how troubling an identity crisis is. It is one crisis that affects the very essence of your being. You question who you are, what you represent, why you do things you do etc. And when these questions protract, depression is not far fetched. Gender centre professional counsellors help you through the dark path of depression. This is often by making you view your depressing situation differently, sometimes using different forms of clinical therapy.


The increasing reported case of suicide is alarming. You must have heard of how a happy go lucky person you Know exhibited suicidal tendency and took their life. This sad tale is a primary concern at the Gender Centre. More worrisome because many who appear happy are not happy in reality. Hence, Whenever there’s a suspicion any client has suicidal tendencies, counsellors give them thorough monitoring.

Cross Dressing

One of the early exhibition of gender identity crisis is cross-dressing. For many who evolve to Identify as gender diverse, it began with cross-dressing. Cross-dressers don’t find it easy in some climes. However, the hostility is not rife in Australia. Therefore, counsellors at the Gender Centre pay attention to cross-dressers and help them Identify themselves. Many of them belong to the gender-questioning group.

Alcohol and substance abuse

Gender Centre counsellors are known for helping people achieve and maintaining their sobriety. There are many drug and alcohol substance abusers in Australia. If you are a friend of the dailies, you would have probably read of the many efforts the government is making. It is important to bear in mind that their counsellors are extremely qualified as you visit the Gender Centre. They possess a qualification in education, counselling, and membership of the world-leading CAPA to mention a few.