Our Transgender Service Support For The Seniors Citizens
Everyone needs help, support, and care irrespective of their age. Both the young and the old need attention and love. Transgender people particularly deserve support and care in every society where they exist. The support services and attention needed by transgender people to live a happy and healthy life is the essential concern of the Gender Center. These services are created for transgender people who are above the age of 55. This category of people is commonly referred to as seniors. The aim of the senior support service provided by Gender Center is to offer care and attention to older transgender people. The support services have a lot of focus and objectives. It is geared towards creating a meeting channel or link between transgender people and care services that are involved in attending to gender diverse and transgender persons.
The support services also include equipping older transgender people with skills to effectively manage crisis and conflict cases. They also provide mediums of engagement and psycho-social support to these aged people. With the support services, older transgender persons can have access to safer and more secured care units. The Gender Center Seniors Support services also enhance and improve the quality of life of older transgender people. As a result of these support services, gender-variant individuals become self-determined and independent in achieving their needs. Also, senior support services provide older care service providers with skills and development training. This training will enable them to deliver excellent and beneficial services to the clients.

Challenges Facing Older People Support Services

The challenges facing older people’s support services are enormous. These challenges have caused many set back and a reduction in the support and attention they give to their clients. The Gender Center is, however, committed to addressing these challenges. Some of the difficulties often associated with the support services for seniors include the following. Inability to negotiate through mainstream services as a result of fear or intimidation Lack of help and assistance to gain access to appropriate services and negotiate with them Lack of residential supports Inability to get routine and frequent health checks and screenings due to lack of assistance from members of the society The feelings of vulnerability as one grows older. The fear of the individual losing his independence
The Gender Center is interested in finding long-lasting solutions to these problems. To help older transgender people live happily and find comfort in society, the centre is concerned about addressing these challenges. To effectively address these issues and reduce the discriminations and threats faced by older transgender persons in society, some approaches have been adopted by the agency. Some of these approaches are listed in the lines below. Accessibility to clear and defined information on the support services for older transgender people Developing other support services so they can provide sensitive and improved care to transgender elders Equipping staff and personnel with skills and training to effectively manage gender-diverse or transgender individuals. With these approaches effectively implemented and carried out, the agency believes that older transgender people will get the care and support they want. The seniors will cease to be victims of unfavourable treatments they suffer in the community.