Being Youth and Transgender

Being a transgender person comes with a lot of challenges and problems. Young people, especially, experience many setbacks and stigma due to their diverse-gender status. These challenges result from how they are perceived in the family, society, and the community at large. The unfavourable treatments of transgender individuals in society are responsible for their mental and emotional instability. These harsh treatments have subjected many young people to an unproductive lifestyle.

Therefore, it is necessary that certain measures are put in place to ensure that these individuals are supported and protected. Their protection will enhance the trust they have in themselves. It will help these young minds to feel safe in society. It will encourage them to take an active part in matters that concern them.

Adopting a support service for young transgender people will improve their mental and emotional conditions significantly. It will also improve and promote their relationship with family members, friends, and society in general. The Gender Center is at the helm of providing these support services to every individual going through trauma or stigma for being transgender.

Gender Center Support Services For Transgender Youth

To effectively see to the needs and attention which young transgender people crave, the Gender Center has several support services it offers. These services will help young transgender persons to get the right support and care. Some of these services include the following. For young transgender people above the age of 18, the organization has a transitional and crisis accommodation plan. The Specialist Homelessness Service, popularly referred to as SHS, is an initiative of the organization responsible for clients’ housing options. This initiative provides supported crisis beds for clients who are 18 or above. Also, about 21 supported transitional units are provided by Gender Center for clients above 18. The organization offers family support services to its client. The family support service will prevent the clients from the unhealthy experiences they are vulnerable to at home. School support is not exempted from the support services the organization offers young transgender people. With school support services, young individuals can confront any challenges that come their way. Discriminatory remarks and comments about them in the school environment is reduced to the minimum.
Gender Center also provides brokerage for its client. Brokerage services cover education and employment costs, housing-related expenses, bonds, and dental and medical services. Apart from these benefits, the brokerage program provides support for moving tenancy. The organization also provides psychological support services, counselling, and speech pathology for its clients. Young transgender people are provided with counselling and guidance by the organization. Young people above the age of 16 are allowed to attend counselling at the organization without consent from parents or guardians. Gender Center ensures that all sessions of the counselling are confidential. Gender Center provides community case management support services to youths. The community case management services are for individuals who did not partake in the organization’s housing program. The service is a process of providing support and advocacy to meet the needs of young transgender people. This service can be adopted by both individuals and families.